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Cat Atlantic: Tropical Paradise

Fancy 28 °C turquoise waters? CAT TROPICAL created those itineraries especially for you.

New horizons are open for you to access the beauty of Caribbean, Seychelles Islands, or Asia… Our catamarans are more spacious and more comfortable to give you enough space onboard to store your snorkelling equipment, your sarong collection and shorts. Make the most of your tropical holidays onboard!

  • Le Panama et le Costa Rica
    Le Panama et le Costa Rica avec CAT&FUN ou CAT&LOUNGE
    De 7 à 15 jours
    A partir de 200€ / Jour / Pers.

Welcome to Costa Rica! « Pura Vida! » The real meaning of tropical destination… Monkeys hanging in the trees above your head, one of the world’s greenest country, deserted beaches… Departure from Flamenco (Panama), cross the well-known “Panama Channel” and its mythic canal lock to sail the wild Pacific coast of Costa Rica.

  • Les Seychelles
    Les Seychelles avec CAT&FUN ou CAT&LOUNGE
    De 7 à 15 jours
    A partir de 200€ / Jour / Pers.

This is the Cat Atlantic Team’s favourite destination! As the locals like to say it “in Seyssel there’s no problem”

So, throw off the bowlines from the Eden Island Marina in Mahé Island and wake up the next morning with a spectacular view over the gigantic granite boulders and palm trees of La Digue Island. Spotting turtle in Silhouette Island and Praslin Coco-fesses in the lush valley of Mai. Far from overcrowded tourist spot and the opulence of other tropical destinations, Seychelles Island will fulfil your wishes of untouched natural bliss. And we like that!

  • Les îles Grenadines
    Les îles Grenadines avec CAT&FUN ou CAT&LOUNGE
    De 7 à 15 jours
    A partir de 200€ / Jour / Pers.

Cocktails on the beach in Canouan, lobster tasting in Union Island, or simply chilling in Chatam Bay, let us take you along to discover our favourite spots of the Caribbean from Le Marin Harbour in Martinique or from St Lucia.

From 7 to 15 days. It won’t be too much time for you to unwind, let your hair down and set your watch at the Caribbean time. Enjoy the fullest warm and turquoise water and BBQ on the beach.


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Our aim is to organize your journey on an environmentally friendly way. We will provide local and fresh food of your choice for you to discover the authenticity of the region you are visiting.

Most of the products we provided are issued from a short distribution cycle and fair trade.
All our linens are in biologic cotton and anti-mite.
Wind is the cleanest energy, we limit as much as possible the use of the engines.
We reduce waste and sort them out on land upon arrival on the harbour.

Catatlantic is part of ECHO MER association and follows the same values.

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