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Cat Atlantic: Mediterranean

Also known as Mare Nostrum “our sea”, the Mediterranean Sea has been the corner of many civilization and cultures. Its melting pot of historical and religious history made it one of the most diverse in the world.

With CAT MED escape to the pristine beaches & ruins sites of the Eastern Mediterranean. You can also decide to go to the artsy and colourful areas of the Western Mediterranean. Our itineraries bring you at the closest of local population to give you a perfect outlook of traditions and tasteful of the gastronomy.

  • La Turquie
    La Turquie avec CAT&FUN ou CAT&LOUNGE
    De 7 à 15 jours
    A partir de 200€ / Jour / Pers.

A gullet is a traditional style wooden yacht, also called “caique”. It’s a good way to discover the Croatian coastline. But choosing a catamaran for your sailing holidays, is the right choice. More spacious and exclusive, we choose together the type of catamaran that fit all your requirements and allow you to enjoy the fullest all the hidden creek and turquoise blue waters. Let the Mediterranean fragrances of pine and spices awaken your senses, walking around Kas, Kekova, Rhodes or Simi..


  • Les Baléares
    Les Baléares avec CAT&FUN ou CAT&LOUNGE
    De 7 à 15 jours
    A partir de 200€ / Jour / Pers.

« Ola qué tal ! » did you knew that Ibiza and its famous club aren’t the main attraction of the Baleares ? Some of the most beautiful white sand and remote beaches of the Mediterranean are located just up North from Ibiza. This is where we are heading to.

Departure from Majorque or Minorque, even from Barcelona if you prefer to discover the authentic Baleares Island for a week or two.


  • La Croatie
    La Croatie avec CAT&FUN ou CAT&LOUNGE
    De 7 à 15 jours
    A partir de 200€ / Jour / Pers.

With an amount of 698 islands how not to find your perfect match along the Croatian Coast?

Gastronomy, hikking trails, swimming in the ocean, evening in the restaurant, foot in the waters will be the program for your unforgettable holidays in Croatia.

Join the CAT Atlantic crew in Trogyr (Split) for a departure to the most amazing holidays you can dream of. The itinerary is defined with you to meet your exact requirement.


  • La corse
    La Corse avec CAT&FUN ou CAT&LOUNGE
    De 7 à 15 jours
    A partir de 200€ / Jour / Pers.

One week to discover the coast of the famous “Ile de Beauté” – Corsica, its beautiful range of secret and pristine white-sand beaches... Choose your tailor-made trip from North to South, sailing close to the coast to provide you a safe and comfortable journey. We guarantee turquoise water, hiking trails into the wild and the visit of local market to savour delicatessen.

Seize the moment and discover new horizon, Corsica away from the touristic crowd, only accessible by the sea. Your first trip will spark your interest to discover the other side of the Island on a second one. Once you’ve been there, you will always come back to Corsica.


  • La Grèce, Cyclades et îles ioniennes
    La Grèce, Cyclades et îles ioniennes avec CAT&FUN ou CAT&LOUNGE
    De 7 à 15 jours
    A partir de 200€ / Jour / Pers.

The smell of cypress in Corfou, volcanic rock in Santorini… with Cat Mediterranean access another facet of Greece. Our experienced skipper knows all remoted coves of the area and will guide you finding your dream vacation destination (weather permitting).

Fancy Ouzo? Tzatziki or fresh grilled vegetable? We have a selection of the finest dining tables in the most authentic villages -sometimes only accessible by the sea- discover the true local experience. Let us guide you to the best of Greece.

Hiking trails, visiting the typical villages and shopping in narrow white and blues streets… the programme also included farniente under the sun and grilled fish on the deck at sunset.


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4 reasons to come aboard

You don’t know how to sail, and you would like to learn
You would like to discover the Atlantic French Coast
You want to spend some quality time with your loved ones and create unforgettable memories
You want to sail away from your daily routine and live simply.

TARIFS & Options

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hors caisse de bord de 15 EUR/jour/personne

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Traveller’s Chart: nice and simple

Our aim is to organize your journey on an environmentally friendly way. We will provide local and fresh food of your choice for you to discover the authenticity of the region you are visiting.

Most of the products we provided are issued from a short distribution cycle and fair trade.
All our linens are in biologic cotton and anti-mite.
Wind is the cleanest energy, we limit as much as possible the use of the engines.
We reduce waste and sort them out on land upon arrival on the harbour.

Catatlantic is part of ECHO MER association and follows the same values.

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